Wine pairing with mutton chops via /r/wine

Wine pairing with mutton chops

More specifically mutton chops from Keens steakhouse in NYC. I'm going to a super fancy dinner with my family and I want to find a good pairing with their famous mutton chops.

'Lamb scraps are seared off in the pan to which the chef adds shallots, garlic, and veal stock. This is rendered down, infused with fresh mint, and strained, cooled and then reheated at service. A side of escarole sautéed in butter, lemon and garlic accompanies the saddle, the bitterness and acidy designed to cut the richness of the meat.'

There's no wine list online, and I'm sure they have a sommelier but I was looking for more input. Please also note, Keens is super famous for their extensive scotch/ whiskey list but I'm too much of a lightweight& will not be able to appreciate anything about a scotch pairing with dinner.

Also, we are probably going to get a ton of different food to eat- steaks and lamb and all those good steakhouse side dishes.

Submitted May 02, 2017 at 09:24PM by _tonya_harding
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