Help getting my fiance into wine. via /r/wine

Help getting my fiance into wine.

I don't in anyway consider myself to be a wine connoisseur, but I do enjoy having a decently paired wine with a good meal (even if I have to rely on the internet to pair it for me.) My fiance comes from a christian family that doesn't drink, she has nothing against alcohol and doesn't mind me drinking but she didn't grow up with it and until she met me didn't have any desire to start. I have got her to try several wines and she doesn't particularly care for most of them. She has said that chardonnay and Japanese plum wine aren't bad but has never finished a glass. We have also tried a Victoria Muscat desert wine that she said was alright, but I find it way to rich (if that's even the word you use for wine) and couldn't finish the glass we shared. P.S. We are not in a position to buy $100 plus bottles so please keep any recommendations in the $30-$40 range.

Submitted May 03, 2017 at 11:41AM by grumblebob1
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