Never thought I’d be making a “finds” post, especially not one about DRC via /r/wine

Never thought I’d be making a “finds” post, especially not one about DRC

As the title says, I've (sort of) recently came into an interesting find.

So, background: the shop that I work recently acquired our sister store from our owners business partner as he is retiring. Rather than sell the property and close his store, we decided to grab it and are currently in the process of renovating/updating the location.

During one of our visits while cleaning out the back room, we stumble across 5 lonely bottles of DRC sitting on a rack in the back of the store, forgotten. I'm sure they've been there 20 years. They all were priced at 2 to 3 hundred USD. A cool find most definitely but like with anything, there are some bads with the goods.

To start, 94 wasn't a great vintage (although that's the least of our worries, drc is drc even in off vintages) but the bottles that may have survived might be a little past peak or just about there. Then there is the question of storage. These were not found in a very dark or cool area, there was no temperature control, and who knows how cold that room got in the winter or how hot in the summer. The most disappointing find to me was that the La Tache had begun to leak at some point. It isn't all bad though, the Romanee is in great shape, the fills are all pretty solid considering storage, and the labels and capsules all look really good. An interesting find, no doubt. I never thought I'd be holding bottles of DRC or seeing them in person. We are currently looking into getting them sold, however if that doesn't pan out I think we are all going out to grab a nice dinner and popping them open. (Here's hoping for the latter)

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