Coined “Snoob” via /r/wine

Coined “Snoob”

Since I'm new to the wine industry as a five dining and banquet server, I'm wondering- would I be considered a "snoob" since I'm less that a month old as a wine enthusiast and I have preferences such as 'should always have a Cork' and 'no less than five years old'?

I'm a wanna be snob, but too new to the game to have such a title… And I'm no where near serious as some might be regarding wine. I love the idea and culture, but I don't ever think I'll ever have the depth of knowledge to gain such a breadth of knowledge.
I should learn as much as possible and I'm already drowning myself in materials…

Am I a "snoob" or what would you call it?

Submitted April 27, 2017 at 12:31PM by Aeryale
via reddit


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