Help me with wine pairings for my brother’s graduation dinner. via /r/wine

Help me with wine pairings for my brother’s graduation dinner.

Hey all, I am relatively new to the community, but need your help. IF this is not allowed then please direct me to where I should go. My brother is graduating from college at the end of the week and our family is having a catered dinner to celebrate. However, this caterer does not provide wine and his recommendations were a little on the vague side. So what I am hoping is to get a list to take to the store and it be a hit at the dinner. The Menu consists of
* Chicken Paella
* Al ajillo shrimps
* Vinaigrette mussels
* Manchego mini skewers
* Tortilla de patatas
* Gaspacho
* Serrano Toast
* Churros
* Flan

The caterer recommended a rioja and a white albarino for the paella. However, my family does enjoy wine so I was thinking of pairing a bottle for each course and sharing it among the 7 of us, so it would only be small portions each. If your recommendations could be under $60 a bottle then that'd be great. I am located in South Carolina and have access to some pretty big wine stores (Total Wine, Green's). The more specific the recommendation the better. I really appreciate your help, the internet has been a little bit confusing for me on this. Thanks!

edit: Though I am staring at the formatting guide, I can't manage to make it work. Sorry about this.

Submitted April 25, 2017 at 07:35PM by Docaround
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