On the Privilege of Tasting Authentic Wine via /r/wine

On the Privilege of Tasting Authentic Wine

"As the senses focus and deepen and probe, the emotions also begin to dilate, unless you are inured or cold to beauty. The first things felt are gratitude and wonder. But there's more. Beauty is a fierce thing. It doesn't let up, it invades you, even violates you; it will have its way, and that way is ecstasy. And of the many notes in the ecstatic chord, one of them is rage. I don't know why, but it's there. Maybe it's because we can never seem to rise high enough to meet beauty at its level. Maybe it's because we spend so much time subduing rage and frustration, that when pure emotion is finally unleashed we get the whole sloppy mess, not just the pretty parts. Maybe the charge isn't selective — it electrifies all of you. The effect is strangely violent, even as it overwhelms you with pleasure.

And on the far side of this incandescence, we start to think of the people whose work brought this about. Suddenly their dedication seems astonishing. What does it entail, to offer this beauty? Sitting there receiving it, we suddenly grow somber. We're not thankful enough. Not just in this moment — ever. Yet we were invited." – Terry Thiese, Reading Between the Vines

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