Dealing With the Influx of Smaller, Shorter Posts via /r/wine

Dealing With the Influx of Smaller, Shorter Posts

anyone else getting a little sick of the "how much is this bottle worth" and "can anyone recognize this label/tell me more about this wine" posts? I feel like there are a growing number of them recently, and they really take away from the quality of this subreddit and its overall purpose. I personally am largely here to discuss wine and to talk about everything relating to it with people who share my love for everything wine. I just think that we would benefit from having a weekly-ish thread in which people should post their bottle ID and "how much is this worth" questions. Also perhaps similar threads for "I like X wine. What else would I probably like drinking?" and "what wine should I get for X event/person?"… I feel like it would remove a lot of clutter from the main feed, and also allow more quality posts to not be overshadowed, so we can help maintain the higher level of discussion and depth that I love this sub for. Also a flair like "TN: __________" for tasting notes a la Wine Berserkers, and/or similar things might be nice to make posts and titles a little more organized. Just some thoughts after seeing personal, self-oriented question posts that frankly add nothing to the sub becoming more and more frequent recently.

Submitted April 15, 2017 at 09:55PM by iltlwapv
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