New subscriber from the beer world. Ready to learn about wine. via /r/wine

New subscriber from the beer world. Ready to learn about wine.

Hello friends!

I come here to let you all know I am a beer lover and am enjoying my progress there with styles and getting to know what I am tasting. I have a few friends (some who own liquor stores) who are serious about their wines. Seeing their passion for wine and knowing my passion for beer, I would like to crossover and enjoy the world of wine.

Before I get a ton of hate comments, I want to say I understand you are sick of replying to new posts about "new to wine" drinkers. I would love to get a quick opinion on what my next step is.

I have seen a few documentaries on Netflix (Somm, Into the Bottle) about master sommeliers and i was hooked from minute one. I don't ever see myself getting close to what they know but I would love to know what and how they taste.

So! I would love to hear from you where a good place to start. Background: I enjoy more chardonnays, beajoulais, and Pinot noir. I have had 3 different wine makers from the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir styles and one maker in the Beaujolais style.

Links to sites that can help with understanding more of what I taste and smell and or useful information. As a beer drinker I use the iPhone app Untappd to archive my beers. Is there any great wine apps out there?

Thank you for reading all the way through! Cheers!

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