Working On A Natural Wine Ordering App via /r/wine

Working On A Natural Wine Ordering App

Hey, So I'm working a project right now that involves building a wine ordering app that focuses specifically on natural wine (biodynamic, natural, organic), and I just need some questions answered.

Above is a link to some questions. Survey Monkey is safe to use. The information will be anonymous, and I'll be the only person to view it. If you do want to post your name and background, that would be helpful. But I'm trying to be noninvasive. Feel free to add anything.

Anyways, if you answer the questions, thank you. I really appreciate it. Here's the questions if you don't want to click the link:

How did you develop an interest in natural wine?

Do you prefer natural wines to traditional wines? (Not biodynamic, natural, organic) Why?

Have you ordered wine online before? How was your experience ordering online? What source did you use?

Have you ever ordered wine from a mobile app? What was your experience like?

What's important to you while shopping for wine? (In-store and online ordering)

How do you find the wines you'd like to purchase?

How do you discover new wines you've never tried before?

How do you browse wines when searching for them? (In-store or online)

Gender and Age?

Submitted April 02, 2017 at 07:57PM by NattyWineApp
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