Help me figure out what kind of wine I tasted when I was 6! via /r/wine

Help me figure out what kind of wine I tasted when I was 6!

I can explain. Once when I was about 6, my dad let me have a VERY SMALL taste of the wine he was drinking. I absolutely loved the taste and couldn't wait to be old enough to drink wine. Now that I'm of legal age, I've found every wine I've tried to be very unpalatable to me, and nothing at all like the wine I tasted when I was 6. Allowing for errors of memory, it still must have been significantly different from what I've tried so far because I LIKED it, and I'd definitely remember if I hated it. I'd love to find that wine, or something like it. Please help!

Details: It was white wine, chilled, and it wasn't mixed with anything, it was poured straight out of the bottle. It wasn't sweet, but I remember it tasting very smooth, almost buttery, or like olive oil. It had a very mild taste with an almost . . . nutty? Like almonds? undertone. In contrast, all the wines I've tried as an adult have tasted very bitter and sharp to me, like drinking straight vinaigrette salad dressing.

More details: I have no idea if these details are relevant at all, but the wine was at my grandparents' house, who were in their 80's. (Do different generations tend to prefer different types of wines?) And it was kept in the refrigerator in a round, multi-faceted octagonal glass bottle, with a round glass stopper. I don't think there was a label the bottle. They drank it in very small, stemless wine glasses every night with dinner.

Thanks so much for any suggestions!

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